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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 16, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> this is a fox news alert. we are monitoring three huge developing stories tonight. our fox affiliate out of atlanta, georgia, has obtained the first look of what is left of one of the deadly devices that exploded at the finish of the boston marathon yesterday afternoon. photos show what look to be pieces of a stainless steel pressure cooker and the possible black duffel bag that contained the bombs before the explosion. another image that is emerged that could shed light on the second blast at the yesterday's boston marathon. look the this side by side photo. the but on the left shows a bag along the barricade. the one on the right is from
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moments later when a blast occurred from virtually the same spot. we have no confirmation it's the same bomb, but they have turned this footage over to the fbi tonight. we will speak with our bomb experts in a few minutes and get their take. in other breaking news coming in, a letter which tested positive for the lethal substance ricen was sent to a senator from mississippi. all letters first go off-site for testing for items such as this. there's no confirmation that the contaminated letter has anything to do with the boston bombings, but the timing is suspicious. we will go live to d.c. momentarily. first we go to be a old friend,dale russell, who is in atlanta with details of the new photos just released. dale, thank you for coming on. what do we know at this hour? >> sean, great to be with you. right now i think it's fair to
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say that my sources are telling me they know quite a bit about this bomb. clearly you can see from the evidence photos that we have, a lot of pieces of this device are leftover. they are able to go in and piece it together. my sources tell me they probably know how it was built, how it was detonated, what kind of powder was used, is it a high explosive, is if a low explosive, if you will? all of this from their vast experience, they can piece it together right now. >> the things we are learning, the pressure cooker, they put inside, whatever the explosive device is, and as you know they probably know what it is now, but we also know from some of the medical professionals that were working on a lot of the victims that they were taking out pellets, what he thought were bbs, nails that had the heads removed from them, and also i guess, you know, other items. in other words, projectile items, right? >> exactly. one of the pictures that we had, you can see the small metallic
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pellets. they are held together by some sort of gum my materials. it could be anything from buckshot to ball bearings. those are the nails that the massachusetts doctors talked about that they removed from the patients after the bombing. all of those, sean, are put into the bomb essentially to be more deadly, to hurt and kill more people. that's the only reason to include them into a device like this. >> i was watching your coverage earlier with russ spencer,dale, and one of the things that you were pointing out, and you have covered a lot of trials in and around the atlanta area for a long time, is that these devices very common, in other words, and this type ever planning. explain what you know about them. >> not only are they common, but they are made by very common materials. it's nails. it's a pressure cooker. i mean pressure cookers are sold all over the world. the pressure cooker bombs have been used in the middle east. my sources are downplaying that right now. they tell me you can go on the
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internet and get a recipe, if you will, to build a pressure cooker bomb. but all the materials are very common, can buy them in stores all throughout the country. the real trick is to take these pieces into the laboratory and to analyze them. they want to identify the manufacturer. they want to identify where were these made, where were they sold, and once they know that they can limit it to a geographic area hopefully to gos that were in stores, who came into the store, who made purchases. they will have all the receipts, i promise you. they will know everything that everybody bought from one of those stores that sells these components. >> it's interesting because i did see the closeup of that photo and we really can't see it in the photo we are showing our audience right now, but there is information that was salvaged that might give them included in that where it might have been delivered to and purchased from, right? >> yes. in fact, we've looked at it and we can see there's an underwriters laboratory stamp,
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if you will, there are a couple of numbers we've been able to piece together, there's part of a name. we think we have a pretty good idea who the manufacturer is. we haven't confirmed it yet so we aren't confirming it. if that's the kind of work we can do from our desks, the i-team, can imagine what the forensic scientists are able to do. my guess is they lord know and are looking into it. >> we will have our bomb experts on a little later and they will get into the specifics of how this is made and why it is so deadly and dangerous in terms of being a pressure cooker and why they are used as they are. but one thing is there are certain bombs that they have bomb footprints. maybe certain ieds used by the taliban by groups such as al-qaeda. any indication from your law enforcement sources that they have any suspicions at this point? >> what i hear at this point in time is they can't rule anything out. it's way too early in the game.
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they have to look at this device, they have to look at how it is built, they have to look at how devices over in the middle east were built and have been utilized. and pressure cooker bombs have been used in the middle east,@% especially pakistan. they know that. but they also, as i said, it's a very common bomb, if you will. so they have to look at everything. as one person said to me, what was the message of the bomber? what were they trying to say? it's very hard to rule out for anybody at this point in time, the date. it was tax day, it was four or five days before the anniversary of waco. it was patriots day in boston and this was a celebration that was honoring the newtown victims. there's a lot of american, if you will, symbolism around all the elements of the bombing that all the investigators are looking at right now. they start with the forensics, they start with the components and they hope it will lead them to the killer or killers.
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>>dale russell, our old friend that atlanta, georgia. thanks,dale. >> thanks, sean. >> let's get back to boston where our very own bill hemmer is standing by. he has the latest on the ground, including the images we put up earlier from whdh. bill, what can you tell us on is that? >> sean, good evening. these are intriguing images. what we believe they show, it appears like some sort of paper bag with the lining of plastic on the inside. let me set the scene for you. this is along boylston street along the finish line. this would have been possibly the second explosion, sean. i'll call it a paper bag for the moment here because that's what it looks like sitting next to this mailbox. there is a preimage, and then there is a post image that is posted on the tv website for whdh, the affiliate here in boston. this would have been about 75, 100 yards down the course from the first explosion, the initial
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explosion. the second image you see is a pixilated picture. a lot has been blurred out. they describe it too graphic to show on the website or put on the tv station. that's why it has been blurred to a degree. you see the restaurant behind it. if this is true it was the second explosion, this is the kind of image that the police and fbi want to get out to the public because frankly, they are looking for clues. really, sean, that has been a major and consistent theme of our coverage throughout the entire day. 12 hours ago during the first fbi briefing, they leaned on the public heavily here in boston, trying to encourage them if they have images of video or pictures to come forward because they are looking for every piece of evidence they can find. then only several hours ago tonight the fbi came out yet again, and again leaned on the public. they went so far, sean, as to suggest if you heard some sort
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of explosion in your neighborhood or in the countryside days or weeks before what happened yesterday morning, to come tell them about it. if you saw someone carrying a heavy black duffel bag or a heavy black bag they described it here in boston, to come forward and tell them about it. and the indication you were left with is that the police and the fbi are looking in every last corner they can and leaning heavily on the thousands, if not tens of thousands of people who were on the streets yesterday at 2:50 local time or in the afternoon. >> let's go back to the video if i can and we will put it back up on the screen in a second. do we know what the time laps is between those two photos, the one that has that next to the mailbox and the one that doesn't? >> the people who turned these photo in to the tv station believe they were feign about an hour apart. if you go in and you zoom in on these images you can tell the people are different from one shot to the next.
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but it was about a 60 minute difference, they believe, between the preand the post, sean. >> let me go, obviously we have three confirmed dead, 170 injured. many people lost limbs. you are on the ground there. tell us about the condition of the victims, the city, the town, how people are -- how people are dealing with this at this hour. >> in general this town feels like it has been wounded and they will not stop until they find those responsible and they will hold them responsible for this. as for the victims, late tonight we were given an indication the third person who died was a graduate student at the boston university. name has not been made public pending notification of family and next-of-kin. as for my location at massachusetts general hospital, there were about seven victims in this hospital said to be still in critical condition but they said they will all make it
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and they will have no further loss of life here. however, the amputations are significant. they have had at least four amputations here from multiple people. sean, what they told us was quite stirring. they said they were awoken out of he isdation earlier today and when they fund out they had their leg amputated sometimes just before the knee, they were relieved to know they were even alive and they went on to thank your doctors. you imagine as the reality sets in for the people, how significant their lives will be different going forward. but again, no further loss of life considered here and a critical stay for seven tonight at mass general. >> as we discuss the bomb and pellets and ball bearings and bbs and nails, obviously designed, these projectiles, to inflict the maximum amount of damage and devastation with people. we are going to get into that in a little more detail tonight. but you are really describing injuries that are massive, bill.
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>> indeed. >> very similar to what our troops have been experiencing in iraq and afghanistan. >> and they have doctors here who have worked in those wars and they are the few doctors here on staff of that seen those types of injuries. >> a lot of times you get in a hospital like this car accidents, and they can be fatal and serious for weeks and months. but this is the type of injury that you frankly do not see in a hospital in downtown boston, massachusetts. you asked about the community. they say the number of people who have come here to donate club has been astounding to all the staff at the hospital. they say the turnout has been so extraordinary that the stock of blood is full to capacity. they are encouraging people that they will notify them in about a week's time because there will be transfusions for days and weeks to come for some of the patients and they will need a blood supply yet again, but for today they are doing okay and that goes a long way to show the
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strength of this community and how they have come together in boston tonight. sean. >> you know, in the midst of insanity and great evil, you have these examples of kindness and humanity with the carnage. bill, we will be checking in with you later this hour. now we go to washington d.c. where mike emmanuel is standing by with the ricin scare on capitol hill. >> senators were told as a closed door briefing that a letter testing positive for the deadly poison rice in was addressed to one of their colleagues, a republican from mississippi, rodger wicker. wicker released a statement saying, quote, this matter is part of an joan going investigation by the united states capitol police and fbi. i want to thank them for their hard work and diligence for keeping us working in the capitol complex safe. gail and i appreciate everyone's prayers. the package was stopped at a mail handle facility outside the
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capitol so it never reached the capitol. the envelope said senator wick i am and it was sent from a person who lives in mississippi and mailed it from memphis, tennessee. he is recognized as a frequent writer to lawmakers. after being told about the tainted mail this evening, a senator called it troubling. >> obviously. it's not just members concerned, it rarely gets to a member before it goes through a lot of staff. that's a big concern for all of us. so we are very answer us to get more details. >> lawmakers have been told by authorities the exterior markings on the envelope were not outwardly suspicious. officials say this is a reminder to staff members on capitol hill for the need to remain attentive in amendling mail and recognizing suspicious items and knowing what steps to take if suspicious mail makes it it a
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member's office. but a letter testing positive for the deadly poison rice innocent to a u.s. senator was stopped before it reached the capitol. the system worked. sean. >> mike is in washington tonight. now for someone who knows all too well what the aftermath of a tragedy like this is like, former new york mayor rudy giuliani. you can forget him after america's darkest hours. he rallied a city and worked tirelessly to get the city and people back on its feet. i 130 with the mayor about the latest developments and what this means for this investigation. joining us now former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. how are you? >> good it see you. >> it would be foolish if we don't look at the ricin mail as connected, right? >> i was taught you investigate by not excluding coincidences. when you have a coincidence, it's probably connected. if it isn't, you can find out. all of a sudden getting
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something like in this sent to the united states senate, you have to start wondering, is this something being triggered here, something going on? it may turn out not to be so but it's would recollect investigating it from that point of view. >> we have all this break news tonight and i'm not sure how to interpret it. but good news i think in terms of the investigation. waga, our affiliate out of atlanta, has what they believe is the pressure cooker that they got the tape of, and there it is up on the screen. certainly that could be helpful to the police. >> right. tracing where it came from is of and trying to get back to who did it. the bad news is they let go of the guy that they thought was connected to this. now, i mean that means they spent the first day, which is a critical day in any terrorism or murder investigation, they spent the day apparently chasing a wrong lead. now maybe it isn't a wrong lead. maybe they don't have enough and they are letting him go ask want to see what the heckle do.
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it's hard to tell because we don't have the information they have inside the investigation. >> one of the things interesting to me, because we have so many more surveillance cameras, especially in a place of copley square, it would be the equivalent of times square in new york. >> more. >> we have more than we ever had. the interesting thing is they did use the bomb-sniffing dogs which might shorten that timeline where they have to look. >> right. this was put in right before the bomb actually went off. you would hope one of those cameras picked it up. you have actually three sets of cameras you are talking about here. you are the government cameras, the ones that are up there all the time. you have the television networks that were covering the marathon. one doing complete coverage. >> right at the finish line. >> and then you have all the people with their camcorders taking pictures of their uncle, brother, their son. that's what they are calling for tonight. they are asking for those people to bring those in.
9:18 pm
i remember solving a couple case that is way when i was with the u.s. attorney's office. all of a sudden somebody had a picture of something and, wow, it proved the case. >> what do we make? whdh also, i believe this is the second becoming that went off, we will put it up on the screen next to where the mailbox is, if you look really, really closely here. they suspect that may very well be the second bomb. now, if that's the case, and again, as you are pointing out, that would be another lead. >> absolutely. now we just -- with law enforcement, and i would not blame them at all if they didn't tell us, would they be less inclined to let the american people know whether or not they have an image of who this is? >> they might. they might. look, suppose i say i've got an image of the guy who did it. what happens to the guy? he takes off like crazy, right? so, i mean, there could be a reason to keep this information confidential if you think you are going to spook the guy who did it and all of a sudden he's
9:19 pm
going to take off. so they have to be allowed to mislead, even though from the point of the press and the public's right to know you think we should know all the facts. but they are looking for murders here. so misleading is a very acceptable part of law enforcement. >> there's been a ton of irresponsible, and i am not going to get into it tonight, speculation on the part of the left. people like barney frank. >> i know, anti-tax and tax day. >> it's just irresponsible. >> look, none ever us know who -- what is behind this. is it ideological? if so, is it an islamic terrorist or some other kind of ideology. if you go by the odds, often has it been done? you will relate to somehow is it islamic related or jihadist related. just taking the percentages percentage of bombings of that taken place. >> and it could be homegrown. >> my hunch is it is homegrown.
9:20 pm
>> explain a la that means when you say homegrown. >> i don't think this is orchestrate bid al-qaeda or any of their off shoots in africa or places from there. i think if it was, we would have picked it up because it would have to have been communicated internationally and the coverage now is immense. it sounds to me like this was more homegrown, like the attack in britain '05. i was in britain a half a block away from the liverpool station when that went off. those were home-grown people, which is why they eluded the british intelligence service, which is the best in the world, because they were looking at people who came from overseas. they weren't looking at their own citizens. this is my hunch. i could be absolutely wrong. but if i were investigating this, that's the hunch i would be working on. >> the last thing, something you said this morning, you were surprised that we have not seen more of this. is this a preview of what you think is a coming attraction?
9:21 pm
>> this was a nightmare that i had and my police department had for at least a month, month and a half of a 9/11. when the anthrax attack occurred, we were sure that was the shoe that dropped, and the plane that went down, there it is, that's the other attack. years we have been waiting for it. we have stopped a lot of it. our intelligence gather is much better now under both bush and obama than it was before 9/11. so we have thwarted a lot of this. but if they decide to do things like this, this is very, very hard. >> this could become israel? >> yeah. i mean, who has better defenses than israel? and they were only able to prevent a certain number of them. if these people are willing to do this, this is going to be very hard to prevent. >> mr. mayor, thank you so much. >> i still have a lot of questions tonight, who did this, how did they do this, can this
9:22 pm
happen anywhere? we will get all the questions and delve into them deeply. also we have the bomb experts. they will explain the pressure cooker bomb, the nails put in and the bbs, the pellets, and we will get to the investigative side of it as this edition of "hannity" continues. thank you for being with us. ♪ change makes people nervous.
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>> we are monitoring three big breaking news stories. the first photos of the remains of one of the bombs that exploded in boston yesterday has been revealed. and another image emerged that could shed light on the second blast. one on the left shows a bag alongside a barricade and the one on the right is from moments later when a blast occurred in virtually the same spot. we can't confirm this was the actual second bomb, but the photo was sent to the fbi earlier this evening. the third story we are monitoring at this hour is a letter which was sent to the office of senator rodger wicker, a republican that mississippi,
9:27 pm
that tested positive for rice in. ricin. with me is mark furman, former l.a. pd investigator. we can't say it is connected but it is suspect. >> i think mayor giuliani i think is very correct in saying coincidence is not something that you believe in in this situation so they are going to act as if it is connected until they learn otherwise. and certainly that could be somebody separate just trying to jump on the bandwagon of the media coverage and in doing so they send a letter. >> last night we discussed at length, mark, the so-called person of interest that was discussed all day yesterday, and ththat was the saudi national. they have again out of their way now to say he is a witness, not a suspect. but this is after they also went into his apartment in ref veer and they went through and spoke
9:28 pm
to his roommate, et cetera. how do you interpret those public comments? >> well, i think the first thing is we know about 1/100 of what law enforcement knows of the investigation. they might have had a witness that gave a suspicious description of his conduct before the blast or moments or several minutes before. and they investigated that and they have probable cause. a witness on the street gives them that information and they get a search warrant. they did that. they cleared him. and they moved on. >> yeah. you know, i understand the government's desire to keep the public calm, and i think that's part of their role. good leadership is calm under pressure. janet napolitano said this is not part of a broader blot. then the ricin issue emerged. we can't say that definitively at this hour, can we? >> well, we don't know what we don't know. and i don't think anybody in
9:29 pm
this investigation truly noise everything yet. i think they know what type of explosive, they know what type of device, they know what type of detonation device. they have a good indication that it is somebody that lives locally. the fbi releasing that they want citizens that heard any kind of explosion, no matter how small, to call in. and i think this is an indicator that they believed there was a homemade explosive content to the bomb and they were testing the formula and certainly it also means that somebody lives in the area at least prior to them planting the bombs. >> what do you make of, how important will the remains that we showed the pictures of earlier of this crock pat or pressure cooker bomb that was made and the remains of that, how important is that going to be to the investigation? and what do you know about these pressure cooker bombs? >> well, i don't know as much as your guests that are going to come later on the show, but i
9:30 pm
will tell you that you can put about ten pounds of tatp, which is the homemade explosive of choice for some of the terrorists in the middle east, with the pressure cooker bombs. a pressure cooker bomb is nothing more than a pressure cooker with explosives in it. certainly it comes apart and it becomes shrapnel and a secondary explosive device that hits soft targets. then you load it with other shrapnel items, ball bearings, nuts, bolts, nails. so i think from what i am hearing throughout the last 24 hours, that they are leaning towards a homemade explosive device with the explosive material being homemade also. >> you mentioned earlier that we know about 1/100 of what law enforcement know at this how and they probably know how it was detonated, as you point out, the type of bomb, et cetera. would that also lead them to at
9:31 pm
least have a strong inclination if this was a foreign or domestic terrorist? >> well, it could, sean. certainly they keep evidence of all types of devices, the type of cell phones that they would use to detonate, the type of batteries, timers, clocks, wires. the brand of the wires. anything do with the become. they keep samples of this so they can compare it. and certainly they will have an idea. it doesn't necessarily mean they know exactly. but going back to the pressure cooker, just how many times in your lifetime do you need to buy a pressure cooker? you buy one and they last forever. so i think that is huge. >> all right. i didn't mean to cut you off, we were talking over each o stay there, we will get back to you in a second. joining me now is the former mayor of boston, ray flynn, is with us. he attend the marathon and four of his daughters and grand
9:32 pm
daughters were at the finish line when the explosions occurred. they were seated in one of the grand stands. you see how tense the situation was following the two explosions. one of the many incredible images ever yesterday's horrifying day in boston. mr. mayor, thank you for being here. what did they tell you that happened, mr. mayor? >> well, it's an extraordinary situation. i talk to a number of people after the marathon. i was walking around downtown boston at the finish line in that area today, in fact. this is a revered event. probably the most extraordinary event in our city's history. it's a family, children, and it's patriots day. it's all those things that are so typical american in representing our values all into one. it's really got the city all in a twist of concern about what's actually happening and how safe
9:33 pm
are people at big events like this, even as positive as this event is. >> what did people tell you in terms of, you know, we hear the worst of humanity comes out here, but also all the stories about all the heros from the police to the firearm, to the medics, to the military personnel. people literally to save lives were pulling off their belts and shirts to turn them into tourniquets, et cetera. have you heard a lot of those stories, mr. mayor? >> i have. you know, i have run the boston marathon many times myself, and i was at the marathon site three hours before the marathon actually took place. i spoke to a number of the runners, winners of the previous boston marathon so i'm very familiar with the entire culture, the entire scene. people are really unique and so much is they are just kind, decent people.
9:34 pm
they aren't people protesting some political issue, they are out to have some fun. they are out to help themselves and their health. they enjoy running for a cause. kids with cancer of the liver foundation or wounded warriors, or whatever it is. and you see these signs all along the way. the people are really different than you would see in most sorting events. that's why it is so troubling to the people, the pain and anguish that is taking place in boston today. but the people will come together. this will actually make boston and the boston marathon stronger and better. >> mr. mayor, thank you. our thoughts and prayers are with your city tonight, and i speak for all americans when i say that. we appreciate you being with us. >> thank, sn. >> when we come back the bomb experts will join us. they will explain what the pressure cooker bomb is all about. we have more with mark furman. we have witnesses that were
9:35 pm
up-close when it took place, and rick leventhall is standing by. and our panel of experts will review the footage and [ male announcer ] at his current pace, bob will retire when he's 153, which would be fine if bob were a vampire. but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh perspective on hisortfolio. and with some planning and effort, hopefully bob can retire at a more appropriate age. it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. it's just common sense. all stations come over to mithis is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one.
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>> we are getting new pictures of the scene of the second explosion before and after the bomb went off and for details on the photos and much more, we head back to boston and our own rick leventhal. he's live at the scene. what's the latest at this hour, rick? >> before we get to the pictures i want to bring our viewers up to speed on what the fbi and other officials told us earlier this evening at a news conference. we got our first up-close look at the crime scene as the fbi response team and other investigators are combing through the area and collecting the evidence. they told us earlier tonight that they believe the bomber used these pressure cooker canisters and put them in some
9:40 pm
type of black nylon bag or backpack and they were asking the public for assistance in providing photographs of someone carrying what looked to be a heavy bag at the finish line of the boston marathon. we got photos that appear to be crime scene evidence photographs of what we are told is bomb number one. it appears to be a canister, a metal canister where you can see imprints on it, serial numbers. there's also a shredded nylon bag or backpack in those photos and what appear to be ball bearings or metal of some kind. we also got photos from our affiliate in boston which appear to show bomb two. some sort of package on the outside of the barricade and the after-photos show it. some of it is blurred out.
9:41 pm
but this is what they are asking people to provide, anyone who has pictures of the end of the marathon may have photos of the bag before they were placed at the scene and before they detonated. the fbi will say they will comb through every frame of video from surveillance cameras, from people's cameras and television cameras and every still picture provided to them in an effort to track it down. pictures we are seeing tonight are very compelling and potentially very critical evidence in tracking down whoever did this. >> all right. rick leventhal, thanks for being with us. appreciate it. here to analyze the photos, the pressure cooker remains and more of the visual evidence that we've been looking at throughout this hour. dan colson and bomb expert rick hundred. rick, let me start with you, pressure cooker bombs. let's look at this. we have pellets, we have bbs, we have ball bearings, nails
9:42 pm
without their heads on them. tell us about this type of device. >> clearly, sean, this is a device that is designed to be as anti-personnel as possible. this is your landmine sort of thing that is built strictly to be doing as much damage to human beings as possible. the pressure cooker itself serves as a veeset to contain the pressure of the explosive. in this case we probably have a homemade explosive just based on the smoke you see and a low explosive maybe trying to kick it off. >> obviously they want to know what explosives were used, a, and maybe you have some thoughts as to what that might be. obviously. and certainly the component, how this was triggered. what are your thoughts? what are they looking for and what would it tell them? >> first of all, homemade explosives, for one thing that means they will be cooking them up somewhere. maybe in an apartment, maybe
9:43 pm
in -- >> what do you mean by cook them up? i'm not trying to interrupt you, but what do you mean by cook them up? >> for example, there will be different component parts, different chemical parts, depending on what it is. and they are going to have to combine those parts, depending on what the chemicals are or what they are trying to make. they may have to have laboratory type equipment or some other equipment to cool the process down and allow the agent to dry that's correct sort of thing. again, it depends on exactly what they are making. >> it certainly wouldn't be definitive, but law enforcement has told me in the last 24 hours, for example, if it was made a certain way with certain materials, it might have the fingerprint historically of a group or another. would you agree with that analysis? >> i would say so, yes, absolutely. >> for example, what indicator would be that it was al-qaeda or the taliban. >> probably something like a try
9:44 pm
phor oxide explosive which is well-known among the middle eastern groups. >> would they use a pressure cooker like this? >> they could. certainly it's recommended if you go to "inspire" magazine which is the publication of al-qaeda, they suggest that. >> let me go to dan colson. that "inspire" magazine talked about those who are sympathetic to al-qaeda targeting sporting events such as this. >> absolutely. we've known that for years. they would like to do a sporting event, they would like to do a theme park, anyplace there's a lot of publicity or a lot of people, they are going to hit those places. we've seen it. it we've been very lucky and diligent in stopping many, many of these situations and this one got through the cracks. its unfortunate but i will guarantee you they will catch these guys. they will appear send them. >> i know you are confident and other people have said that.
9:45 pm
if i have to say so, my greatest fear is they may not catch them. we had the ted kaczynski example. it took many years to catch him. why are you so confident? >> they are great terrorists but not generally good criminals and there's so much evidence here. know they will swab all the parts that remain of the bomb. that will tell you what the substance is. it may be pitric acid, is may be a lot of different things. probably the key will be the film, all the digital imagery we have, that will solve the case. i can almost guarantee you that. >> how do you suspect it was detonated? do you think it was on a timer or more likely a cell phone was used? >> either one. cell phone is often used because a cell phone is also a battery and that can set off a detonator that makes it go, or it could be a timer, a wrist watch. probably a wrist watch.
9:46 pm
could be one of the two. i would say likely command detonated. probably the guy was there when he detonated and saw the first one go and hit speed dial and did the second one. think that's a good possibility. >> thank you for being with us. very informative and enlightening. we appreciate it very much. >> my pleasure. >> coming up, with you will meet this young woman and participated in the race with her family when boston changed forever. this family's story is coming up this family's story is coming up next. if you're suffering from constipation, miralax or metamucil may take days to work. or faster relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax provides gentle relief overnight unlike miralax and metamucil that can take up to 3 days. for predictable relief try dulcolax. [ male announcer ] just when you thought you had experienced performance a new ride comes along and changes everything. the 2013 lexus gs. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>> we are monitoring a story where a letter was send to a senator containing ricin. we will bring you the latest as it happens. first back to boston tonight where my next guest, chrissy, had just finished the race as the bombs exploded. her sister was also running and her father was working the event. guys, thank you for being with us. how are you doing tonight? >> we are good. thank you. thank you for having us. >> well, chrissy, that picture of you has kind ever gone viral and is kind of capturing the moment of the sheer terror that you went through. tell us what you were going through at that moment.
9:51 pm
>> well, at the time my world was collapsing because my dad was at the finish and i was just coming around, and i just heard this big explosion. i was right underneath the media tent or the media bridge, and i just saw everyone evacuating and going into panic, and then the second bomb went off, it was even more scary, and i started to run. i just knocked over the gate and i ran right into the street and was escorted out. the police just couldn't have me there. and that scene was me just, you know, panicking. >> do you know who that man is that helped you, by the way, that we are looking at right now? do you know who that person is? >> i do. now i do. he was with me all afternoon because i was so panicked. his name is andy, and his brother-in-law, they helped --
9:52 pm
they helped me through because at the time i didn't know where my family was. it had been hours and they let me use their cell phone, and i just -- they were amazing. they helped me. >> a lot of people were. >> i know. i know. >> you were behind your sister, katie, in terms of running the marathon? you let her beat you in the race -- i'm only teasing. >> only this time. >> only this one time, okay. and your dad was also working the race. so i guess getting everybody coordinated and checking in with each other, i'm sure there was a lot of fear. >> yes. >> tell us about it. >> yeah. i made it to about 25.7, which is just when i was under the bridge. i was one of the first runners to arrive to a police officer stopping us from running. and it just seemed like, wait a minute, you know, i only have a hatch mile to go. we can't be stopping now. i think at first, you know, no
9:53 pm
one knew what was going on so everyone started to kind of chit-chat. after a few minutes when there were so many runners backing up, you could really start to feel the panic in the crowd. >> i'm glad you and your family are safe. you see human goodness on display time and time again. thanks for being with us, we appreciate and and we are glad you are safe. when we come back we will look at some of the medical injuries with the doctor and a former fbi agent will join us as the investigation continues and what we can glean from this new information that we've been breaking all night tonight here breaking all night tonight here on hannity. you say men are superior drivers? yeah? then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. silence. are you in good hands? very logical thinker. (laughs)
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9:57 pm
>>. >> sean: fox news alert. here is another look at new picks of the scene of the second explosion before and after the bomb went off. also tonight, our affiliate in
9:58 pm
atlanta the apparent remains of pressure cookers that were believed to have contain the bombs before the explosions after the can pleogsz. mark seeing the and judith miller and bill daly. >> positive developments here. finding the remains of pressure cook where some serial indicator on that material will be able to backtrack it where it was manufactured and who have bought it and where it was sold. it's one of the first steps. i'm sure at the know what materials were used in a those canisters. >> sean: what detonated it. >> they can backtrack to the system and combining with the cameras as you put on earlier. we have pictures before and after. anyone with information can be helpful.
9:59 pm
>> sean: this was to inreflect maximum damage? >> nails, pellets, ball bearings quick reaction of the medical personnel who stabilized people. fluid resuscitated them. among the top doctors of the country have to do repeated operations to get all this stuff out of people and get them to survive. >> sean: if you lose a limb like this, how much time do you have before you bleed out? >> not very long. you only have a matter of minutes. having intravenous equipment on the premises. they quickly got blood ready and transfused them. >> in addition to that, the utter confidence of all the first responders and the civilians who actually running in the race to rush in to follow instructions. this incident remind need of how far we have come as first responding nation and people to events like this. as tragic as it is, we
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